My Top 3 Tips for Casual AF Couples Photos

Hey you, I know that the idea of getting in front of the camera doesn’t sound as good as it may look, but I promise that I can help you chill out a little. You’re nervous and that’s totally understandable! Let me guide you through my top 3 tips for casual af couples photos to ease your mind and get you looking bomb on camera!

Every couple is different and no photoshoot is the same – that being said, there are a few things that you can do to help you look good, feel good, and have fun at your upcoming couples session. If you follow my top 3 tips for casual AF couples photos, you’re going to walk away with some bomb pictures and you’re probably going to feel much more confident about being on camera! Plus, if your couples session is booked with me, there’s no doubt you’ll love the hell out of the entire experience.

3 Tips for a Casual Af Couples Shoot

1. Request to shoot during golden hour – even if it’s overcast!

Golden hour is a super well known term for seasoned photographers. It is referred to as golden hour because it is the hour before sunrise or sunset when the sun is the lowest in the sky. Because of the position the sun is in at that hour, the light is WAY less harsh than any other time of the day. When the sun is out, the light is stunning. If it is overcast, it is tempting to shoot during the early afternoon, but I would advise you against it. If the clouds are thin enough for the sun to get through – even a little, you do not want it to be harsh, at all. Overcast harsh light is super unflattering! Even if it is overcast, still request golden hour/ the hour before legal sunset from your photographer. You won’t regret it. Plus, if the sun does happen to peek out for a minute, you’ll be so glad you listened to me.

2. Plan color coordinating outfits that compliment – not contrast

Have you heard the saying “words are hard”? Well, they are and a good rule of thumb for bomb af photos is to not wear anything that has words on it. It pulls attention away from your faces and the scenery. Along with words, steer clear of clashing colors. Like purple and yellow together, just don’t do that. Another good rule of thumb is to stick to earth tones/neutral colors. Black, brown, white, cream, neutral blues, greens, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, dusty reds, and tans all go together surprisingly well. Stick to those and you can’t really go wrong. When in doubt, Pinterest boards are a great place to find inspiration! I have some boards that may help you put together some color coordinating outfits here!

3. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves – have fun & be spontaneous!

This last one may be the most difficult honestly. I know that once the camera is on you, it feels like there are expectations to pose perfectly and do all the right things. Drop those thoughts because they just aren’t true! Only do what feels natural to you. If your photographer asks you to pose a way that doesn’t feel true to you, don’t be afraid to say no! Find a Spotify playlist that makes you feel confident and play it on your phone and do you. Pop the champagne, dance with your partner, tell each other dirty jokes, laugh together, be goofy, have fun. I know that you won’t feel 100% free to be yourself but do the best you that you can do. If you simply just go along with what a photographer tells you to do, odds are that when you get your gallery, you won’t be happy with what you see. Do what feels right. If it feels uncomfortable, it will look uncomfortable.

There ya go, friend! 3 tips for casual af couples photos. Now, go out, book your photoshoot with your dream photographer(me) and have a fun shoot! 70 year old wrinkly you will thank you for capturing the memories. If you’d like some more inspiration for adventurous & fun couples photos, check out these sessions!


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