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I recently finished setting up my office and am so excited to do this home office tour with you! I didn’t do anything crazy because I pretty much had to work with what I had. We don’t really have guests that stay overnight so I decided to turn the guest bedroom into my first official home office. Aside from paint, I didn’t really do that much in here. I took out a built in 70’s desk that was super asymmetrical. I couldn’t stand it! I also removed the closet doors and built a freestanding shelf to use as my desk. The room is honestly pretty small so I wanted to save as much space as possible and the “cloffice” trend worked really well for me. The existing closet already had built-ins inside of it so they helped a ton with storage! (make sure you check out the photo of what this room looked like when we got the keys to the house at the end of this post)

Now, I can’t exactly have my own office, to be completely honest. I have to share… with 3 tiny humans! Being a mom of 3, I had to make sure I added a space for my littles to sit with me and “work” on their own projects if they want to be with me. I thrifted some chairs and a little desk – stocked the drawer with Bluey coloring pages, crayons, scissors, and of course – tape.

Now, this is my favorite part.

Being me, I couldn’t set up an office for myself without adding a gallery wall somewhere. I realized that as I age, I am appreciating vintage art – like a lot. Especially when it’s in a vintage gold frame. Something about gold frames just excites me lately! So, that’s what fueled the gallery wall and comfy chair!

Lastly, is my unfinished wall. I’m still deciding what to do with this one. I’m leaning towards showcasing my favorite photo work, maybe moodboards. I just haven’t quite been excited about an idea for this wall enough yet to pull the trigger on what to do with it. This one is still a work in progress!

I hope that this home office tour gave you some ideas on what to do with your own office! A photographer’s office doesn’t have to be anything crazy, it mainly needs to provide you with a space that you feel inspired to get your editing done in. I know what it’s like to try and be productive in a space that doesn’t bring you joy. Go pick out a paint color and get busy!

This is what this room looked like when we bought the house!


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